Member Profile - Chris


Member Profile - Chris


We interviewed Chris, one of our long term members who at 61 years old has a long history of going to gyms and experiencing the differences between. He knows what works and what doesn't!

Chris, why did you join 9Round?

I've been going to gyms for 20 odd years to try and keep trim and decided that now i'm in my sixties, I need to build my cardio and thought this would be a really good fit for keeping trim, building cardio and improve my general fitness.

How has 9Round affected your 'day to day'?

I feel a lot fitter and with age my shoulders and back had become tighter which caused pain. Since joining 9Round my shoulders and back have improved so I no longer have pain and I'm much more flexible.

Has anyone commented our your appearance/fitness since joining?

A lot of friends have commented on how my stomach has slimmed down but also how tone my arms and shoulders now are!

What workout is challenging you currently?

Freestyle with the trainer on Round 6 always pushes me but I also enjoy being pushed.

What changes have you seen since joining?

My level of fitness has improved a lot, blood pressure has improved and I've trimmed up!

What is your favorite round?

Round 7 with the speed ball now that I have it sorted!

What would you say to someone who is looking to improve their fitness?

This is one of the best gyms I've been to! At a 'normal' gym I hardly break a sweat but at 9Round I'm a sweaty mess by the end but i'm really, really enjoying it! So for someone who is wanting to have all round fitness with improved cardio and strength then this is ideal!


Sounds like the place to be doesn't it!? Click on the link below and we will give you a call to book you in for a FREE WORKOUT so you can get a taste of what Chris experiences!